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D.O.S.T. - Declaration

Citizen Initiative D.O.S.T. (Trust, Objectivity, Freedom, Tradition)

We, the undersigned signatories, recognizing the rights and freedoms guaranteed us by the Constitution and statutory norms of the Czech Republic, and in fear for these freedoms, express deep alarm over the advancing, yet obscure, public life ideology which is, at the present time, gradually spreading throughout the landscape of the European Union institutions, and which is to be, in connection with an “anti-discriminatory” agenda, introduced into the Czech legal system. Recognizing the responsibility of free citizens for the fate of our own as well as future generations, and with the painful historical East-Central European experience with communist totalitarianism in mind, we cannot remain silent about these new efforts to limit citizens’ freedoms of speech and conscience, and we resolutely reject them as we clearly recognize in them the elements of those totalitarian forms of legal and ethical thinking of which our country has been getting rid of with difficulty after November 1989.

New ideology – its propaganda and goals

Who follows the mentioned trends cannot doubt about having to do here with relatively comprehensive doctrine which manifests itself through an uncritical faith in the so called “social progress”, i.e. its adherents’ conviction that it is they who are its bearers, their chronic mistrust towards a majority society and their obscure efforts to destroy traditional social patterns and structures, which this doctrine sees as contrary and “backward” (family, nation etc.).

In its propaganda, the described doctrine confronts the public with vague terms, often newly formed, the meaning of which is unclear, or rather it is obvious that the interpretation of it is left to the will of the commentator, and these terms then become not only part of every day social life, but, unfortunately, also an impulse for creating new statutory norms. There is no need to stress just how dangerous could such a tendency become for basic civil rights, such as in court practice.

Although the goals toward which the new ideology leads are unclear, yet its above mentioned manifestations prove that its principles are incompatible with the cultural and spiritual as well as the basic civil rights and freedoms which are claimed by the Czech Republic and the European Union as their own in their constitutional documents.


We are convinced that there exists no reason why free citizens should remain silent in the face of these alarming facts, and endure an atmosphere of suspicion, condemnation and hypocrisy which the new ideology brings with it wherever its influence shows up. Neither the authority of persons connected with the described ideology, nor the strength of their propaganda must stifle the natural longing for life and truth, freedom and harmony with one’s own convictions.

Therefore we ask the top Czech politicians to defend the civil rights and freedoms, even in the case of relations with EU establishment and so renew the citizens’ trust towards the laws and institutions of this land.

We ask the top Czech journalists, particularly the editors of the main dailies and mainstream media, to consistently strive in achieving objectivity in news coverage, without discrediting labeling of the opponents of the new ideology as so called extremists, ultra-rightists etc.

We ask the Czech legal authorities to consistently defend the freedom of thought and enterprise in the way that these freedoms are guaranteed by so far valid Czech legal code, especially in the view of the present attempts to limit these in connection with the so called anti-discrimination law.

In the face of the new ideology’s threat, we also ask the personages in the cultural and spiritual life to promote the rehabilitation of traditional moral values so much needed for finding firm foundation for the Czech and European future more strongly than so far.

D.O.S.T. Signatories’ Declaration

We, the signatories of Initiative D.O.S.T., guided by longing for the renewal of trust, freedom and tradition as well as the solidarity with all those who are presently and will in future be unjustly persecuted, by signing the following text, wish to also individually declare our adherence to those positive values and principles that bring on the new ideology’s hatred.

I, the undersigned of the D.O.S.T. Initiative hereby publicly declare that:

- I recognize family founded on marriage between a man and a woman as a fundamental expression of human unit and reject efforts for its dismantling.

- I recognize the diverse and complimentary nature of a man and a woman and I reject sexless society program imposed from above.

- I recognize the supreme right of parents to provide value based education to their descendants in accordance with the natural moral norms and I reject the efforts for the ideological imposition of school educational programs.

- I recognize the value of a nation and one’s native country as a constructive element in forming a human person and I refuse to melt in the melting pot of rootless cosmopolitanism.

- I recognize the value of authentic religion and I reject its managed removal from public life as well as its misuse for non-religious purposes.

- I recognize western, ancient Christian roots of our traditional culture and I reject their purposeful “adjustments” in line with the so called political correctness.

- I recognize the relative value of various human cultures and reject efforts to level them artificially in order to create a one multicultural “world view”.

- I recognize the inviolable right to private property and reject efforts to put this inviolability in doubt.

7th November, 2007

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